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W A T E R .




drawn to the element of water.


drawn to it's unceasing motion,

it’s misery and unspeakable beauty,

it’s soft encasement,

carrying away thoughts,

washing off the weight.

brining softness back to body and soul.

There is something breathtakingly beautiful in revealing your inner world to someone.

In sitting in front of each other pulling down layer by layer - striping off those walls of protection, until you sit there with nothing but rawness and honesty.

Exposed, naked - touching each other with words.

And at first glance, sitting there naked scares the hell out of you, but as time goes by you allow each other entrance into your inner world. Into parts you once wore deep hidden inside. Parts that reveal your darkest thoughts, your brightest moments, your deepest fears and dreams. Until you get lost in the depth of each others souls.



And while you're getting comfortable with wearing nothing but your vulnerability that someone slowly crawls back into his walls of protection - escaping the vulnerable.
Because yeah, being naked can be fucking scary and let’s run away from things that are scary, right?


So the next time you see him, he sits there, back on with all his layers. While you're still naked. 

And with every spoken word of his you put on one of these discarded layers to protect that vulnerable skin of yours, that is being attacked by words. 

Until you sit in stillness - back on with those heavy layers of protection.

And this time you put on a few more in order to make sure it will get harder for the next someone to get you undressed.

O C T O B E R  T O U G H T S





I always get a bit sentimental realizing summer is officially over.
Realizing it’s time to say goodbye to the sweet taste of freedom. Inhaling those last shafts of sunlight, knowing how badly you're going to miss the warmth on your skin and the endless summer nights sitting outside until the sun rises, with nothing but time in your hands to fill with memories. 
But with the gloomy arrival of fall it seems like the soft blasts are slowly carrying away the warmth and blowing in these cold winds. Winds of change and new beginnings that always seem so frightening to me.
When sunlight is slowly being replaced by vibrant and cold thoughts that were overheard and covered during summer. 
When leaves are falling, showing bare and vulnerable branches that reveal the true scenery
underneath. Representing the need to take care and protect ourselves from the cold to come. 
A soft reminder it’s time to grow again.


E M O T I O N A L L Y   N A K E D

Y O U N G   H E A R T S



young hearts

unafraid of painting honest pictures

speaking honest words

embracing imperfection

as they piece themselves together.








young hearts

crushing heavy walls of expectations 

freeing their souls 

ready to unravel 

ready to spread wings. 

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